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Welcome to the Ninth Grade Academy at Bensalem High School. Features of the Academy include:

  • The ninth grade academy is centralized in its own section of Bensalem High School creating an intimate learning environment.
  • Incoming freshmen are assigned to a “House”. A “House” is an organizational arrangement that assigns students and teachers to specific groups
  • Each “House” consists of cross-curricular teams of English, science, and social studies teachers.
  • Students will participate in other required and elective classes outside their house, as well as other activities such as clubs and sports
  • Academically rigorous education that maintains high expectations for each student
  • Careful monitoring of student performance and attendance
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Use of the PA Educator Dashboard Early Warning System
  • Structured system of appropriate extra help
  • Frequent contact between school and parents
  • Use of Naviance, a College & Career Readiness Technology Solution
  • Comprehensive Instructional Technology Integration: Chromebook 1:1 Initiative, Schoology Learning Management System, and Zoom Video Conferencing